Traveling with prescription injectables

I recently had to travel domestically with my husband who has to take an IV injection once a day. At first we were a little panicked trying to figure out how his 10-day supply (yes, that equates to ten ominous-looking syringes) would be viewed by the TSA employees. Always being ones to anticipate a problem before it arises, we made sure to have a note from our doctor (on letterhead and dated within the preceding 30-day period) with us and readily available. On the outbound leg our bag went through x-ray and was stopped for closer scrutiny. As the TSA employee approached us we made sure to have the letter at the ready. Once read, we were ushered through. On the inbound leg of our journey our bag passed through x-ray without a hitch. I guess the point to this little blog is that you need to be prepared even if TSA doesn’t always follow their own guidelines since you never know when they’ll kick in and enforce. I’ve read some information where TSA requires that the actual prescription label be attached (affixed) to the medication, but in the case of refrigerated injectables that come via the mail to us that’s impossible. Fortunately we were not asked to provide this, and I guess we can only hope that future trips will result in the same outcome for us.

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