The Top 10 Airlines in the US

In today’s economy, air travel is less extravagant than ever before. You might get a drink and a bag of peanuts, but that’s about all you can expect from most airlines today (unless you chose to pay more and sit first class). Still, people need to get to where they’re going, and fast. Here’s the breakdown of the top 10 airlines in the US based solely on who passengers choose the most.

  1. Delta Airlines: Offering skymile benefits and the most international flights out of the US, this Atlanta based airline rakes in the most passengers annually.
  2. Southwest Airlines: Due to its low costs and rapid rewards, Southwest now has more passengers than ever before.
  3. American Airlines: A personal favorite, American Airlines has long been the largest airline in the world but recently got beat by Delta and Southwest in terms of passengers.
  4. United Airlines: This American airline gets most of its passenger base from Chicago and Denver, mostly flying pacific routes.
  5. US Airways: Ever since they merged with American West, US Air has doubled their passenger base and continues to grow.
  6. Continental Airlines: A national favorite and star alliance member, Continental has great deals, great service, great pilots, great passengers, great everything.
  7. AirTran Airways: This airline offers low costs, great deals, and decent service.
  8. JetBlue: This New York based airline loves traveling to the Caribbean and is known for its low costs and high level of customer service.
  9. Skywest Airlines: this airline is a regional airline for Delta and United.
  10. Frontier Airlines: Now merging with Midwest airlines.

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